FX Refrigerant Air Dryers

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution. To avoid condensation and therefore all chance of corrosion and damage, the compressed air needs to be dried, which is exactly what the FX units are designed to do. These simple reliable units remove water from the air and the risk from your system, ensuring that your money doesn’t just disappear into the air.

FD Refrigerant Air Dryers

Incorporating unique, patented technological innovations and extra energy-saving options, Atlas Copco's FD refrigerant dryers provide you with the clean, dry air you are in need of to expand the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product.

Compressed Air Treatment

We offer a number of solutions from industry leaders such Atlas Copco & Parker Domnick Hunter

Atlas Copco CD Heatless Absorption Dryers

Atlas Copco CD adsorption dryers eliminate the moisture before it can cause any damage. Even the possibility of freezing is nonexistent. The CD dryers ensure a reliable process and impeccable end products by offering absolutely dry air to your compressed air system.

Atlas Copco BD Heat Reactivated Dryers

Removing moisture from compressed air with a pressure dewpoint of down to -70°C, Atlas

Copco's BD desiccant dryers eliminate system failures, production downtime and costly repair and service works.

SD Membrane Dryers

Removing oil, particles and moisture from compressed air in the most demanding conditions, Atlas Copco's SD membrane dryers with pre-filters eliminate the results of low quality air at the lowest energy cost. Thanks to their pioneering Advanced Fibre Technology, SD dryers ensure the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss for the highest possible efficiency – saving you time and money through your production process.

Inline Filtration

Instruments and tools can malfunction, spray painting and breathing air can be rendered unusable, maintenance costs will increase and products will be spoiled. The range of Atlas Copco's DD - PD - DDp and QD filters, when used in the correct combinations, will provide high quality air from 9 to 7200 l/s at nominal working conditions.

OSC/OSW Condensate Management System

One of the by-products of compressed air is a large volume of condensate, generally an emulsified combination of oil and water that poses a serious environmental risk.  Atlas Copco’s range of condensate separators efficiently separate the oil from the water.


Nitrogen generators

Atlas Copco's Nitrogen Generator systems allow users to produce their own nitrogen on site by using compressed air. This can reduce your cost of nitrogen significantly compared to using bottles or bulk deliveries.

Whether your company is specialized in chemical manufacturing, electronics or food processing and packaging, a reliable supply of nitrogen is crucial.  Many companies even regard nitrogen as 4th utility after gas, electricity and water.

MED - Breathing and Surgical Air

The critical field of patient care requires clean air delivered to operating theatres and hospital beds with absolute reliability. The MED series’ unique multi-stage filtration converts regular compressed air from

any type of compressor into internationally certified breathing air. The MED simultaneously provides clean air to power surgical air tools  with maximum efficiency.

FX Range - Refrigerant Dryers FD Range - Refrigerant Dryers Heatless Dedeiccant CD1-22+ Heatless Dediccant CD+ AD Heat reactivated dryers Membrane Dryers Inline Filtration Condensate Management System Nitrogen Generators

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